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"My business is fun again.  I believe I know exactly what needs doing!  This is beyond my dreams come true!  The implementation process was the missing link.  One can have a great mindset and motivation but without an implementation roadmap and system, there is so much lost revenue, time, and an abundance of overwhelm. I feel like the pieces are in place now and we are fine-tuning!    Fine Art Plein Air Artist, Linda 

Linda, Plein Air Artist


Trusting an experienced business consultant to guide you through your work to new efficiencies takes time 

Compass & Map

Discovery Call 

Burned out, overwhelmed, going through a business or life transition?  Yes, I have been through them all.  It's ok that you are too, it's only a speed bump. 

Join me in a 90-minute meeting to discuss, and from there we will co-create a strategy.

90-minute discussion for $99.00

Bullet Journal

Purpose Planning &
Time Management 

If you have task paralysis and decision fatigue, time is slipping by and you are overwhelmed, there is a systematic method to organize your personal roadmap for personal and business items.

This is a side-by-side experience to identify your goals, take action, and have an actionable plan.

3 hours for $199 

(includes a new hard-copy planner ($28 value) 

Wall of ideas

Workflow & Organization Design

You already know you need so much more than an action plan and time management.  If you are ready to go beyond we can discuss larger projects to focus on workflow, business model alignment, financial restructuring, inventory, outsourcing ideas, and more resources.  

Call for 3, 6, or 9 hour packages

Meet Kathy

Hi, I am Kathy and not only do I enjoy business process and improvement, I am an avid Naui Master SCUBA Diver, traveler, practicing self-empowerment, and wildlife enthusiast and I am teaching myself how to play piano! 

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